Feb 22 2016

TransWorks is committed to strengthening its community.  One facet of our approach is through the offering of unique internship experiences.  Our hope is to attract the best and the brightest young... Read More

Oct 12 2015

Rate Management System & Automated Freight Settlement TransWorks provides an automated rating engine-Rate Management System (RMS) for our customers.  RMS can also be leveraged to make cost-based... Read More

Sep 9 2015

Test drive TimeBLOX and Super Routes at IANA booth 723 on September 21st and 22nd TransWorks will once again host a booth at the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) Intermodal EXPO—one of... Read More

Dec 2 2014

With over 75 years of industry leading experience, Roseburg is one of the biggest names in lumber and wood products. Since being founded in 1936, Roseburg has created a nationwide network of... Read More

Jul 2 2014

        We are proud to announce the launch of a new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand and our company as a whole. As we cross the mid-point of 2014, TransWorks has reached some... Read More

May 12 2014

In a world where trucking capacity becomes constrained, relationships matter. Managing those relationships strategically, versus tactically, can make a huge difference in the viability and... Read More

Apr 8 2014

TransWorks provides Intermodal and Drayage solutions to companies like yours and also provides Transportation Management Systems (TMS) / Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions to fortune 500... Read More

Nov 11 2013

TransWorks’ new Opti-Mation (OM) technology allows our customers to use an advanced, state-of-the-art technology to manage and leverage relationships in their supply chain, creating significant... Read More

Jul 22 2013

Supply Chain Management is all the the activities a company makes to bring it's products to market. Successful supply chain management and execution can be a huge competetive advantage. SCM links all... Read More

Jul 17 2012

TransWorks is a software services provider (CLOUD/SAAS) for the transportation industry, and more specifically, the intermodal transportation business. Our customers compete with many truckload... Read More

Jul 11 2012

TransWorks features the most sophisticated and advanced Transportation Management Software(TMS) / Supply Chain Execution (SCE) platform on the market for companies managing inbound / outbound... Read More

Feb 21 2011

With the ubiquity of broadband across the world, and North America in particular, new software models are able to flourish. The old software delivery methods had many problems. Before the Internet,... Read More