Apr 8 2014

TransWorks provides Intermodal and Drayage solutions to companies like yours and also provides Transportation Management Systems (TMS) / Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions to fortune 500 companies.  While we are a technology company, many of our employees have real life experience in intermodal, drayage, truckload and rail.  We have also provided process consulting services to some of the largest truckload providers in the market.

In 2009, Norbridge did a study on the productivity of drayage operations; they reviewed nine companies for this study.  One of our customers was determined to be two times more efficient than the next closest company.  The Norbridge study showed that a dispatch FTE at one of our customers was able to handle 72 dispatches per day.  The next closest from a productivity perspective, was 33 dispatches per day and the other companies were in the 20’s or teens.  We continue to innovate and further improve the dramatic advantage with products like TimeBLOX and our brand new mobile app - Smart Dray (iOS & Android).

We offer complete EDI integration with all major railroads and work on your behalf with each one to get them setup, tested and in production.  If you have any problems, you call us and we work with each railroad to resolve the issue.  We also coordinate with your drayage carriers to get them setup, tested and in production on EDI as well as offering a Carrier/Vendor web portal for carriers that are not able to leverage EDI.

TransWorks’ Super-Route technology is fully integrated with both Pricing/Costing and Operations.  In the Pricing/Costing module users have the flexibility to view all Intermodal route options and then select the best (combination of cost/service) which can become the default routing (by checking a box) to “lock in” the desired margin for each subsequent load booked.  When booking loads, the default routing will be inherited as the “service design” from the original pricing worksheet.   Once a load is booked, you are always just a mouse click away from being able to reactivate Super-Routes to respond to a customer service request or respond to a service challenge.

Automating payables and customer invoicing is highly efficient with our business process automation technology. Customers leverage Auto-Pay to automate 99% of their payable processing with 99.9% accuracy.  Customers that utilize our Auto-Bill technology are able to automate 70-80% of their customer invoicing.

All of this boils down to helping our customers grow profitably without growing staffing at the same rate and enabling your employees to focus on your customers.  Operational exceptions are highlighted in cockpit displays when problems occur.

We are scalable and our hosted solutions are being utilized to manage 5 million shipments per year which totals more than $5 billion in transportation spend.  We also handle over 200 million EDI transactions annually.

TransWorks is focused on …automating transportation through technology.