Feb 22 2016

TransWorks is committed to strengthening its community.  One facet of our approach is through the offering of unique internship experiences.  Our hope is to attract the best and the brightest young minds to take a look at our organization and to better prepare them for the world of full-time employment that is just around the corner!

One such organization that assists us in making that vision a reality is Indiana INTERNnet. Indiana INTERNnet is a FREE internship-matching program linking employers, students, high schools, colleges and universities. It is a dynamic, searchable database, matching and reporting system coupled with personal assistance—including a toll-free hotline to answer questions and provide internship guidance and resource materials. The goal is to help create or expand high-quality experiential opportunities within Indiana.

With the help of Indiana INTERNnet, we had the pleasure of welcoming Devin Gingerich from Trine University to TransWorks for his internship.  At the conclusion of his time, Devin even went so far as to nominate TransWorks for Indiana INTERNnet’s annual Employer of the Year Award!  Listen to what Devin had to say about his internship experience with TransWorks:

“Transworks was a great internship experience. The atmosphere at TransWorks is very welcoming. Everyone is friendly and willing to help, and I felt like I could talk to anyone in the office.

They also keep you involved with the company by inviting you to watch their softball games, join them for lunch, or go to TinCaps game with them. It was a far better experience than I ever imagined my first internship would be like, and I am extremely grateful for that.

TransWorks gave me the option of what kind of work I could do for them when I first began. I could either do something easy or something hard. I chose something hard, and I am so glad that I did and that they gave me the opportunity.

I was given a pivotal role in working on a capital project that could potentially earn the company a lot of money, and they let me work on it with a level of confidence that they would give to a tenured employee. This was a great opportunity to learn and grow as a software developer.

I definitely got a very worthwhile experience of how software development works and what a business environment is like, and I would highly recommend TransWorks. They gave me fantastic opportunities as an intern and as a person in a very hospitable environment.”

Thank you for the kind words, Devin!  We are honored to be considered for such a prominent award.

Have you been looking for a chance to get a head start on your career?  Check out Indiana ITERNnet or contact TransWorks today!