Dec 2 2014
Roseburg Forest Products

With over 75 years of industry leading experience, Roseburg is one of the biggest names in lumber and wood products. Since being founded in 1936, Roseburg has created a nationwide network of suppliers and distribution locations. A large network like this can often suffer efficiency, communication and inventory management issues over such a period of time.

Roseburg is determined to improve these issues by utilizing TransWorks’ cutting-edge business solutions. By doing so, Roseburg will improve their truck and train shipment management, positioning themselves to remain an industry leader for years to come.

"An area of our company’s supply chain that needed immediate assistance was the technology used to keep tabs on our fleet and manage shipments,” said Thomas Gennarelli, Director of Transportation and Logistics for Roseburg. The company’s systems were several years behind the curve when Gennarelli first arrived, but now Roseburg has brought in industry-leading solutions providers such as TransWorks..."
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