Sep 9 2015

Test drive TimeBLOX and Super Routes at IANA booth 723 on September 21st and 22nd

TransWorks will once again host a booth at the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) Intermodal EXPO—one of the premier intermodal events in the industry.

Bruce Cox, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning, will be at EXPO’s Booth 723 where TransWorks will offer an opportunity to test drive TimeBLOX (dispatching without a keyboard) and Super Routes (all routes, no head knowledge). Also learn why TransWorks’ Transportation Management Systems (TMS) / Supply Chain Execution (SCE) platforms are shaping the intermodal industry.

Super Routes
Super Routes removes the complexity when working on customer bids and gives you the option to lock in a default route (service design). Super Routes also fully integrates operationally, so in one click, you can reevaluate the lowest cost/best service routing options. With TransWorks, book an intermodal load, plan the origin dray, set the destination appointment while en route on the train (complete visibility means no rail websites to visit), then plan the destination dray.

If something goes wrong, the right person is alerted. Otherwise the load can move from origin to destination without being touched.

Come to our booth at IANA to learn how Super Routes can make your life easier:

  • Super Routes is a tool that simplifies the complexity of intermodal routing.
  • Handles Bene Owner, Interline, Local, Rule 11 rates plus dynamic support for custom routings.
  • Just input an origin and a destination, and Super Routes will consider all possible intermodal routing options and present the best ones based on cost and transit time.
  • Why try to keep hundreds or thousands of rail and drayage rates in order? Instead, make it simple and have Super Routes do this for you.
  • Found a route you like the most? Lock it in! All similar loads will default to routing that way while still allowing you to change it at any time. Reliable service for your customers, no headache for you.
  • But what about when something goes wrong with your load? Super Routes has you covered. Simply re-route the load to the next best possible route and the waybill changes are handled for you. And it will even keep track of any changes that have been made to the routing. Never play the guessing game again!
  • It’s time to make load routing simple again. Super Routes by TransWorks: Innovating Transportation Through Technology.

Recently, TransWorks performed “Opportunity for Improvement” sessions with our existing truckload carrier customers, where we focused on discovering labor-intensive tasks that could be further streamlined. A major finding identified that the dispatch planning function required significant daily manual effort outside of existing carrier products. After further investigation, TransWorks determined that the industry lacked an automated planning solution to address this.

As a result, TransWorks developed a new graphical user interface called TimeBLOX—a game-changing innovation for the truckload marketplace. TimeBLOX Planner profoundly changes the way dispatch planners work, by giving them the ability to graphically manage the assignment of tasks, thus providing instant visual feedback on potential conflicts. The TransWorks TimeBLOX technology makes the dispatch planner’s job more interesting, less monotonous, and incredibly efficient. With TimeBLOX, key performance indicators are just a hover or click away. Additionally, TransWorks expanded TimeBLOX Dispatch to include management of real-time dispatch activities.

Come to our booth at IANA to see the difference that TimeBLOX can make for you:

  • Imagine dispatching with just a mouse.
  • TimeBLOX from TransWorks was designed to dramatically reduce dispatcher training time and boost productivity by putting drivers’ schedules all in one easy-to-understand screen.
  • Watch as your drivers’ TimeBLOX turn green as they get closer to reaching their revenue goals.
  • Tired of guessing which drivers have availability? Just click on a Pickup or Delivery to SEE which trucks have time to perform the work.
  • Look how easily you can triangulate pickups with deliveries using smart deadhead creation in TimeBLOX.
  • TimeBLOX automatically calculates and displays transit time and dwell time at locations in an easy-to-understand way.
  • You can even plan multiple moves, all at the same time, by dragging and dropping onto a driver’s schedule.
  • No more drivers waiting around for instruction – with TimeBLOX, you can be more proactive with their planning than ever before.
  • It’s time to get the most out of each truck while increasing driver satisfaction.
  • Want more detailed information about a driver’s stats? Simply hover your cursor over the driver’s bar.
  • Both new and experienced dispatchers will love the “real-time view” to see what’s happening now, along with the “performance view” to see what happened on previous days.
  • TimeBLOX by TransWorks – Innovating Transportation through technology.

For additional information on both products, or to learn more about TransWorks in total, see Bruce Cox at Booth 723 at EXPO, or visit