Jul 11 2012

TransWorks features the most sophisticated and advanced Transportation Management Software(TMS) / Supply Chain Execution (SCE) platform on the market for companies managing inbound / outbound transportation services. Our extensive experience in automating complex transportation processes lays the foundation for success. Our intermodal solutions are complete and thorough and second to none in the industry. When it comes to intermodal software, you can look elsewhere, but you won't find the depth that our intermodal solution offers.  

Our shipper solution empowers customers to focus resources on exceptions while providing  management with tools needed to minimize transportation expenses by providing:

  • Carrier Management
  • Rate Management
  • Lane-based Tendering
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Track & Trace
  • Freight Settlement
  • Metrics/KPIs
  • Truck/LTL/Rail/Marine

From order entry, drayage rate / contract management and automated load tendering, to automated appointment scheduling and freight payment, TransWorks Transportation Management Software (TMS) / Supply Chain Execution (SCE) for shippers is a leading business solution for today’s competitive transportation industry. Intermodal solutions and intermodal software is our specialty and the main reason we were selected as a  Top 100 Logistics Provider by Inbound Logistics Magazine for the past five years!