Jul 17 2012

TransWorks is a software services provider (CLOUD/SAAS) for the transportation industry, and more specifically, the intermodal transportation business. Our customers compete with many truckload companies, like JB Hunt, Schneider, etc, but intermodally. This means these customers move their shipments via any number of modes, truck, rail, or steamship, all in the hopes of reducing fuel needs and decrease time to destination for these shipments.

TransWorks' intermodal software is a complete enterprise solution, from start to finish, around these shipments. Our intermodal software solutions provide features like customer profiles, customer service modules, load booking and execution, pricing, EDI communications between all parties like vendors, carriers, shippers, US customs, railroads, and customers, intermodal tendering, vendor payments, customer invoices, collections and reconciliation, optimization management, business intelligence, and a host of other services - all with the purpose of managing shipments internationally end-to-end. Our competition includes Oracle/SAP, TMW and a host of other smaller intermodal software service providers, however we host our intermodal solutions on our own hardware, taking on all disaster recovery needs, data archival needs, and backup, so we have the added responsibilities of making sure TransWorks is internally as efficient as can be, while maintaining 99.9% uptime and being able to immediately respond to needs as they occur. 

This entire product offering is marketed as TMS – Transportation Management Systems. We have several components that make up this offering:

  • TMS/SCE (Shipper TMS) – handles all types of truckload business from our customers, complete with automation, web screens, mobile app, edi, etc. – PLEASE refer to PDF for much more information.
  • INTERMODAL/DRAYAGE TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Carrier TMS) – handles the intermodal and truckload business for large carriers, end to end – PLEASE refer to PDF for much more information.
  • Business Process Automation – buffers the execution of shipments from customers’ accounting systems by automation of invoices and payables, with reconciliation and cash application modules, automated costing and approval of dray payables, etc. Customers that utilize this module can often handle thousands of shipments each day with just a very small staff of collections and payable clerks, whereas others have floors of people that do this activity.
  • IFX – Interfaces – this aspect of our solution handles all interface needs, whether they are customized interfaces with our customers, or whether it is the myriad of IRT transmissions between all parties involved in shipments on our roads and rails.
  • IRT – Interactive Reporting Tool – this is our business intelligence reporting tool that was developed in house, and handles all customers needs for reporting today, with hundreds of modules that have to sync up with all software and database changes
  • WEB – Web tools for carriers, shippers, and vendors, along with mobile applications under iOS and Android

Since we host these solutions and these solutions are complete enterprise end to end offerings, we have to have aggressive up-times and perform multiple releases at different times for different customers. Additionally, our customers needs are so varied, we actually have to orchestrate versions and variations of our product, in many cases creating customized solutions that should not impact one another, but also try to leverage or re-utilize intermodal solutions from other areas.

Efficient and automated processes are the hallmark of TransWorks and of our Intermodal and Drayage solution. We have automated the vast majority of the dispatch and busy work processes to allow our customers to handle more shipments without having to expand their work force.

TransWorks has a unique depth of knowledge in transportation (logistics/supply chain).  Few if any companies can express their expertise in terms of having solutions that solve and automate processes from the perspective of the service provider and the procurer of services.  Many of TransWorks’ employees have dedicated their careers to automating transportation-related processes; this collective knowledge is a huge asset.  Leveraging our knowledge and our solutions we are able to see the challenges from both sides of the equation and facilitate deep discussion to find ways to automate transportation-related processes.