Feb 27 2012

In December 2011, Perdue AgriBusiness implemented TransWorks’ Transportation Management System (TMS)/ Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solution for managing its motor carriers.

The TransWorks solution is integrated with Perdue AgriBusiness internal systems to eliminate duplication of effort and help solve industry specific challenges.   Perdue AgriBusiness is using the TransWorks TMS/SCE solution to automate processes where possible, leveraging Lane Based Tendering capabilities, Rate Management to store and manage truck rates, improve visibility of highway pick-ups and deliveries, measure performance of carriers, provide a single source for all highway related transportation information, and assist in automating processes related to paying service providers.  

“TransWorks is very excited about adding Perdue AgriBusiness to our customer base,” said Tim Minnich, TransWorks’ President. “Enhancements for challenges specific to agriculture have been integrated into our solution. We look forward to serving Perdue AgriBusiness for many years to come,” he said. 

About Perdue AgriBusiness

Perdue AgriBusiness ranks among the top U.S. grain companies and is committed to helping its customers prosper with flexible, forward-thinking solutions for agriculturally based products from a uniquely trusted name. Perdue AgriBusiness ranks among the top U.S. grain companies and is a direct exporter of U.S. agricultural commodities through the company’s deepwater port in Chesapeake, Va. Perdue AgriBusiness merchandises grain and oilseeds, processes soybeans, operates protein conversion and blending plants, trades a wide variety of agricultural commodities and refines edible oils. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Perdue AgriBusiness ventures touch such diverse opportunities as bio-energy, organic fertilizers and specialty livestock feeds. At Perdue AgriBusiness, we believe in responsible food and agriculture™.

About TransWorks

TransWorks a subsidiary of Norfolk Southern Corporation, which provides Transportation Management Systems and Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions to many of the largest companies in the world. Guided by innovation from day one, TransWorks began leveraging what is now known as Cloud/SaaS/On-Demand technologies to deliver solutions. TransWorks strives to treat customers and employees with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and respect. Our goal is to provide solutions that are highly efficient and intuitive at the same time. For additional information visitwww.trnswrks.com.