About Us

TransWorks is a subsidiary of Norfolk Southern Corporation and provides comprehensive transportation management systems, business process automation tools, and financial management solutions that enhance and automate transportation and financial processes.

In other words, we are a bunch of fun-loving tech folks who have a passion for transportation. Every day we get to work on awesome new ways to innovate our software, giving our partners a real advantage over their competitors. Our software solutions continue to become more intuitive each year, and we aren't going to stop any time soon.

We all come from different backgrounds - some of us spent our childhoods with engineer hats and toy trains, some of us grew up mastering every video game available. But the one thing that connects us all is the deep appreciation and understanding of today's technology.

We are always looking for the best and the brightest individuals to join the crew, whether you're a seasoned professional or just getting started in your career.

Our Leadership Team

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    Kim Lyman

    General Manager

    About Kim Lyman

    Kim is the General Manager at TransWorks. Above all else, she takes pride in knowing that TransWorks makes every decision based on “doing the right thing” for their people, customers and products. Kim has worked in various IT positions since her days in Bloomington – at the time Bobby Knight walked the campus and Varsity Villas was the place to be.  Following her Bachelor of Science degree in Management, Kim ventured to the Nation’s capital for a stint in consulting, before returning to Indiana to marry her college boyfriend.  Kim now enjoys traveling often to Atlanta, as the TransWorks liaison to the Norfolk Southern IT department.  When Kim and her husband are not spending time with their golden retriever, they live for all things summer – downtown festivals and patio dining, entertaining in the backyard, and her annual “Lyman Summer Send-Off” event.

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    Kevin Hunt, Ph.D

    Chief Technology Officer

    About Kevin Hunt, Ph.D

    Kevin is the Chief Technology Officer at TransWorks, and has been here since… well, since it started. He is not “as old as dirt” as some would say, but he did grow up on a farm in Michigan, planting in dirt. He can still be seen on weekends driving an Oliver 1555 or John Deere 60 around his organic farm. Kevin holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, along with a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership – hence, he’s our resident professor.

    Kevin is also a self-professed Google GoLang evangelist. He has declared GoLang as the “language of the clouds”, and has promoted its use within TransWorks for microservice development.

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    Ann Gilbert

    Director of Operations

    About Ann Gilbert

    Ann is the Director of Operations at TransWorks.  Whenever she isn’t telling people what to do at work, she is busy telling her family what to do at home.  Ann has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Ball State University, alma mater of legendary, retired talk show host, David Letterman! She has been working in IT for the past  30  years or so – but who is counting?  Early on, she realized that her strengths were more on the people-facing side, and transitioned into roles of Business Analyst and Project Manager.  Ann is married to a giant (her husband is 6’ 8”) and has two awesome kids, as well as an overweight house cat who she takes for walks outside on a cat leash.

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    Mollee Carpenter

    Supervisor of Project Management and Business Planning

    About Mollee Carpenter

    Mollee is the Supervisor of Project Management and Business Planning at TransWorks. Mollee attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Indiana University back when they had a presence in Fort Wayne. Her greatest weakness is commercials with Sarah McLachlan singing about the poor, helpless animals that desperately need her to save them. Ever since she rescued her beloved dog, Toby, from Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, he now spends his days eating breakfast in bed. Mollee has a passion for working out and eating healthy (while sabotaging her coworkers with her award-winning entries in the company bake-off)  and binge watching the most recent Netflix Original with Toby and her nerdy accountant fiancé.

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    Brent Clark

    Supervisor of Customer Support

    About Brent Clark

    Brent Clark is the Supervisor of Customer Support at TransWorks, a position that allows him to bounce around and solve puzzles every day. Brent has a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering Technology from Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne. He takes customer support so seriously that at night, he dons a Ninja Turtle costume while vigilantly monitoring for any after-hours issues that may arise. Brent is also passionate about volunteering locally for the USO and Knights of Columbus. When he’s not attempting to get Grand Master rank in Overwatch, Brent, his lovely wife, and their hyperactive dog enjoy spending time on the lake, fishing and soaking up the sun.


We are fluent in over 6 million forms of geek communication...


A few of the main technologies we use...

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TransWorks has fully embraced the DevOps process by implementing a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases our organization's ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. These processes involve tools built around Jenkins and Docker, with automated release cycles to OpenShift clusters, and managed deployments between environments to quickly address ever-changing business and industry needs.

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Google’s Go Language (GoLang)

What could we possibly do with this, you ask? We write micro services, automated processes, and even automated test cases. If it is good enough for Google, it is good enough for us. If you don't know Go, take some time with the Go Tour!

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Apache Web Server

TransWorks is migrating solely to Apache. We believe the future is in open-source. Why not work smarter, rather than harder?!

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Micro Services

We lived through the era of monolithic server-side code, we don't want to live through those hardships again. Redistributing our business rules through service boundaries with their respective micro services just makes 21st century sense. If you have experience with this, we could use your help!

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Puppet / Consul / DevOps

Push a few buttons and “Poof” - a new system is up and running in minutes. Behind the scenes, Puppet keeps it all in sync. Want to reconfigure a service? Reconfigure Consul value pairs, and like ninjas, the services react to the situation at hand. Automated daily builds? No problem, we are working on that too!

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For our web applications, we are steadily moving ahead with Angular. If you have javascript experience, and especially with Angular or related technologies, we could really use your skills. We would love to see your angle on this area of application development! (yes, we went there)

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Centos Linux

TransWorks uses CentOS Linux, the best-known and most used open-source operating system. So if you have UNIX/AIX/Linux experience, you will fit right in. Thank you, Linus Torvalds!

So what's it really like working at TransWorks?

Perks of being a TransWorks Techie

Relaxing, Modern Work Environment
  • Casual dress code
  • Free snacks and soft drinks
  • Walking trail nearby
  • Flexible work schedule options
  • Located right off the interstate and close to a lot of great restaurants
Company Events
  • Monthly food carry-ins
  • Friendly competitions
  • Company-sponsored events
Compensation and Benefits
  • Highly competitive compensation and bonus programs
  • Exceptional benefits: medical, dental, vision, prescription, life and disability insurance
  • Full suite of Norfolk Southern Corporation employee programs and perks
  • 401(k) with employer match and profit sharing
  • Generous paid time off and paid holidays
  • Education reimbursement - including certifications